Set Goals, Not Limits 

Many of us think about “resolving” current bad habits at the beginning of the New Year.  We all want to be happier and healthier.  We even KNOW how to help ourselves.  Yet it is often difficult to re-train ourselves to form better, more healthy habits. 

Life gets busy- demands for our attention and care on work and family seem to overwhelm us- and we take the “easy way out” because we think that will help us cope.  After all, it’s easier to order take-out or get fast food than to plan and prepare a healthy meal.  It’s easier to sit on the couch and binge watch your favorite TV show after a long day at work than to put your workout gear on and take a fitness class.  It’s easier to convince your self you’ll start tomorrow than digging in and committing to self-care today. 

Mindet Matters! 

What if you changed your mindset?   What instead of resolving to do all things better you set one obtainable goal for yourself- something that can be done with not too much effort, in the near future or even today.   Some suggestions might be:

*Drink 1 more glass of water than you usually do (for some of you this may mean only drinking one glass of water). 

*On a work break take a short walk to revive and refresh.

*One day a week use the stairs (if you are physically capable) and avoid all elevators and escalators

*Set your timer for 1 minute to BREATHE , only focusing on your breath

Positive Self-Talk Yields Postive Results 

The thing with goals is, once you set them you are usually intrinsically motivated to accomplish them.  That means you are less likely to need your friends and family to cheer you on because it’s something you choose.  You want to do it for yourself.  A resolution can feel more like something you “should” do to be better or to feel better.  A goal feels more like something that you want for yourself because it will make you happy.  The mindset shifts from “I should” to “I get to.” 

Once you’ve met a goal the most AMAZING thing happens- you feel a since of pride, an enhanced self-confidence.  With each goal you successfully complete, you are intrinsically motivated to challenge yourself to something maybe even a little harder. 

Once you start conquering the small goals you begin to set bigger goals in more areas of your life that may have nothing to do with health- but everything to do with happiness.  The COOL thing is, those of us that are HAPPY are also more likely to be HEALTHY!  

Stop telling yourself that something is going to be hard.  It will always be hard if you don’t try to work on it.  Tell yourself that “I Got This”- and allow yourself the time to get it done.  No judgments.  Then only true failure is giving up.  What kind of message does that send to yourself (and what does it do to your self-esteem) when you give up on something you want for yourself? 

Goal Setting Worksheet 

Down load the attached worksheet to help you stay focused and mindful of a goal you’d like to accomplish.