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Meet Our Instructors.....

Jessica Janowsky 

Owner, Instructor 

Jessica has held a Group Fitness Certification from AFAA since 2007.  She is a Certified Yoga Instructor and is registerd with Yoga Alliance.  She is also certified in Pound, PiYo, bootybarre, Core de Force, Cardio Kick Boxing, and Pilates.  She has  designed fitness formats such as Belly Buster and Box and Barre.  

Ultimate Fit Chick was formed because Jessica had a visoin to help empower women, giving them a safe place to come work out in a judegement free atmosphere.  

~Jessica Janowsky

Tara McLaughlin

Cardio & Conquer Instructor

Tara has grown up dancing since she was a little girl.  She also loves fitness.  She has combined her two passions to bring you an amazing class that will have you moving your body to the latest hip-hop beats.  This class focuses on cardio and toning using various equipment to keep each class fun and fresh.  

~Tara McLaughlin 

Meghan Mathers 

Zumba Instructor

Meghan has been a Certified Zumba Instructor since 2011.  She incorporates her fun, sassy personality into the choreography.  It's always like a  being at a dance party, except way more sweaty and fun, when you come to Zumba.  

"Shake what your momma gave yah" ~ Meghan Mathers

Jen Levey   

Kick Boxing Instructor

Jen was first a long-time patron of Ultimate Fit Chick.  She decided to get her Cardio Kick Boxing certification in 2017, and she's been teaching it ever since.  Kick Boxing allows you to get your stress, anger, and frustration out in an appropriate fashion.  It also builds confidence and self-esteem.  You are stronger than you think!  

~ Jen Levey 

Bethany Peris

Pound/Drumtatsic Instructor 

Bethany was a long-time patron of Ultimate Fit Chick when she decided to pursue her Pound Certification in 2018.  Pound is a crazy-fun class which incorporates RipStixx (like drum sticks) with cardio and Pilates inspired movements. The rock-and-roll music really gets you excited to bring out your inner rock star in this up-beat fitness class. 

~Bethany Peris 

Donna Wujastyk 

Yoga/Senior Stretch 

Donna is a certfied Yoga Instructor and has been teaching since 2005.  She is knowledgable at helping each student find a way to express themselves in each pose that is safe and comfortable.  Props are used, when appropraite, to help you get the most out of your Yoga practice. 

~Donna Wuyjastyk