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Welcome to the Ultimate Fit Chick Class Desciptions / Services information page. We are the premier provider of Group Fitness Excercise Classes in the Elmira area. Our goal is to provide the very best in group fitness.  We are dedicated to always deliver FUN, Affordable. Cutting-Edge Workouts that anyone can do, no matter what your fitness level.  Our qulaified instructors will show you how to modify moves as necessary to accomodate your fitness level.   ALL WORKOUTS help releive stress and combat depression.  As long as you are enagaing your body in phyical activites you are releasing endorphins that aid in making us feel happier and healthier, improving our attitudes and making it more likely that other people will enjoy our company; according American Fitness Professional and Associates (AFPA). We want you, our valued patron, to be happy and healthy. Here is a list of our current services.  

BOOTY BARRE with Jessica 

BOOTY BARRE is a barre class that fuses techniques from Ballet, Pilates, & Yoga to strengthen, tone, and increase flexibility with a little extra emphasis on shaping and defining your backside.


Get reday to sweat!  You will dance to the beat of the street with this fun fitness hip-hop inspired cardio workout.  You will also strengthen and tone your entire body as we work with equipment that will create resistance and sculpt your muscles.  

BOX & BARRE with Jessica 

Box & Barre is a fun fusion class where we combine the techniques of Kick Boxing with the sculpt of a barre workout.  

PiYo with Jessica 

PiYo fuses Pilates and Yoga Fundamentals.  It has a fast-paced rhythm and will strengthen you using your own body weight, tone you through a series of poses, lengthen & define your muscles while helping you increase your balance, coordination, and flexibiltiy.  If you are familiar with Yoga &/Pilates principles you will LOVE this class! 

POUND! with Bethany

Cardio and Core are what you are going to get when you do this amazing workout. POUND! uses simulated drumming moves that are based on Pilate's proven moves to help you get a tone, sleek physique. This workout is so aggressive that 45 minutes is more than enough time to hit all the major muscles plus the ones that are often neglected in other popular workouts. 

Senior Stretch/Yoga with Donna 

Senior Stretch/ Yoga is appropraite for anyone who wants to stretch sore or achey muscles, gain better balance, improve coordination and flexibility. This class will help you relieve stress.  You will get a total mind-body connection as you meditate through gentle movements.  


YOGA with Jessica 

Yoga is an ancient form of exercise that involves strength and flexibility while relaxing and meditating.  It is a physical as well as spiritual/soulful expereince.  Yoga helps you slim down, strengthen your core, improve your flexibility, and give you piece of mind. Yoga works on improving your entire being from the inside out.