A women's only fitness studio, Ultimate Fit Chick caters to women looking to become healthier and happier, especially as it related to improving upon your fitness and acitivity levels.    Our outlook and mission create an enouraging atmosphere where all body-types, shapes, ages, and fitness level are welcome.  We encourage ecah individual to be mindful of her current fitness level.  We always provide safe and accessible variations for our exrecises, ensuring each person, despite, age, body type, or ability,  is able to make gains and feel successful.    

Balance is the Key

At Ultimate Fit Chick we have a balanced array of group fitness classes.  We have calsses focused on improving cardio functioning, such as Cardio and Conquer, Pound, and Zumba.  We have classes that are geared toward toning and strengthening, such as bootybarre, Kick Boxing, and PiYo.  We offer classes to help improve balance, such as Piloxing Barre.  We have holistic classes for the body-mind- and soul, such as Yoga and Gentle Stretch/Yoga.  By allowing your body to have different fitness exeperiences, you obtain the best results .  You will be balanced with regrad to improving your strength, stamina, flexibility, and coorination.  You are also likely to see the fastest improvemnets with weigh loss.   Our instructors place equal importance on helping you find a physical, emotional, and spiritual balance you seek.

ALL classes are currently being held virtually though ZOOM, Facebook Live, or the Ultimate Fit Chick You Tube Channel.  We have provided two FREE month online classes, since the beginning of the quarantine.  We offer 6 LIVE class per week. 

As of May 16, 2020, we will off classes to through a Private Facebook page.  Only those who have paid the required fee will gain access to the page.  From May 16-May 31 the fee will only be $15.00.  Beginning June, the fee will be $25.00/month until we can gain access into the studio to hold classes.     

Click on the Sqaure icon to pay here to gain access