Live Life On Purpose!

We know that each of us is an individual, with various body shapes, sizes, and ability levels.  The Instructors at Ultimate Fit Chick are professionals.  We show modifications in every class so that each person can exercise and participate in a safe, effective manner within our  supportive environment.  

The Ultimate Fit Chick is a facility that was established in January, 2014 to help empower women in regards to health and wellness, with an emphasis on being physically active.  Fitness and physical activity are among the best forms of self-help a person can participate in, which will nurture their body, mind, spirit. 

We provide a fun, motivating, non-judgmental atmosphere so each woman can achieve her goals at a pace that is right for her.

We believe that all people are capable beings with strengths and talents.  We also believe that for a person to grow and develop they must be open-minded to trying varied things.  We strive to empower women to love themselves unconditionally so that they may bring happiness to themselves and all others with whom they have contact. 

There is no "right way" 

ALL  classes will be held virtually though ZOOM orn Outside inn our fenced-in lot.  We are Zooming most outdoors classes as well  so you can stay home, be safe, and enjoy the high quality workouts we offer.   

All outside and virtual workouts are included in your Monthly Membership.  

Drop-ins for outside classes are $8.00 per class